Important Customer Information

Meanwhile you are 35 years we have you in the Roy dunn'S western-STORE Berlin though serving you and your western clothing will help in the selection. We put our employees near, it is time to take as much as is necessary in order to serve you well. We always try to the highest quality of our products. We are improving the materials and add details added, the other in the course of the years have wegelassen. We never reduce the quality of an article, in order to sell it cheaper. We forgive our orders only to manufacturers, which have proved that they are cheap and efficient. We calculate our prices are fair and honest, and can therefore our customers a fair price for our article in the Roy dunn'S western-STORE lucky star Berlin submit. We never take part in the usual practice, the gross profit margin, in order to artificially increase then a false "selling out" to be carried out. The sale at reasonable prices is, therefore, possible, because we work as rationally. We have turned off the middlemen and buy directly at home and abroad to the part also in personal to attend in the factories and trade fairs in U.S. A and Europe for you. The Roy dunn'S western-STORE LUCKY-star Berlin is located over 35 years ago in the privately owned by the family Stowhase. This is a qualified and what we are the very large value, very personal advice for you as our customers possible. We will do our utmost to keep these high Verkaufsstandart not only, but also in the future to increase yet.